Join Us

21man-naked03The membership year runs from 1st January until 31st December. Memberships are issued per unit (usually a single person, family or couple) and the fee for this year is £30 for new members and will be a special Covid rate of £10 for existing members who renew for 2021. The new member joining fee of £10 has been suspended temporarily.

For a new membership taken out now, the annual fee entitles you to membership for the current year, ie 2020 AND 2021 too!

Membership expires on 31st December, but existing members have until the end of February to renew at the normal rate, after which the New Members Joining Fee (£10) becomes applicable again.

We can normally accept bank transfer renewals from existing members, but initial applications must use a printed form. A membership application form can be downloaded here.  We look forward to you coming to join us.