Are there any members who have photos from the early years of our history they could share with us here ?? Please get in touch if you do.

The Beginning

The idea of a CCBN Camping and Caravanning Section came about around 1980-81 and as a result a camping weekend was arranged in May 1982.  Around 60 naturists attended the meeting and it was formally proposed that a section be formed.

In September 1982 Suntreckers inaugural AGM was held at which a Constitution was accepted, a committee formed and a logo chosen.  The meeting agreed that they should seek membership of CCBN as an independent club and not a section of CCBN.  The next recorded meeting was in October 1982 when plans were drawn up for a programme of 5 events for 1983.  As Suntreckers did not have an exemption certificate at this time events had to be held at club sites.  It was decided that plaques should be given to those attending rallies and there would be a newsletter twice a year.  At the first rallies in 1983 there was a coffee morning and a barbeque in the evening, so things have not changed much since those days.

There were eight rallies in 1984 and ten in 1985.  By then there were 220 units in membership.  However, only 17 units attended the AGM.   By 1987 membership had reached 256 units and 34 attended the AGM which now had evening entertainment.

First Continental Rally

In 1992, the club’s 10th anniversary 206 members attended the AGM who were accommodated in a marquee and there was a pig roast followed by a fancy dress ball and a Thanksgiving Service on the Sunday.  The first Continental rally was held with four units attending.  This idea proved very popular and now Continental rallies regularly have 18 – 30 units attending.  Rallies have been held in Holland, France, Germany and Croatia.  Winter rallies were also proving popular with two in 1992 rising over the years and settling at around eight per year.

Membership Peak

By 1999 membership had peaked at 700 units and despite recent problems for members such as rising fuel costs etc.  Suntreckers survives with around 90 rallies per year and is one of the friendliest clubs around.  Several of the original instigators are still members and take an active role in the club.

We are always striving to keep up with the latest technology with the newsletter and other communications being sent by email, our own Facebook Group for members only and of course the website.

(Thanks to Clive for the information)