2016 Rally Programme


The Rally Organizer Steve has published dates and places for 2016 rallies and the initial 2016 Programme should be with you now, as long as you haven’t opted out of email communications. Postal-only members will have to wait for the postman.

Now is your chance to volunteer as a Rally Officer for a 2016 rally, or for several if you prefer!

There are several rallies that need someone to volunteer as Rally Officer, so don’t be shy, give it a try. The Rally Officer form is in the post, or attached to the email for you to indicate your preferences.

The 2016 Yearbook is being compiled now, so please respond either by sending Steve an email (rallyorganizer@suntreckers.org.uk) with your choices, or printing the form out and sending it to him at the address in the Yearbook on the Committee Officer’s page.

If you want to telephone Steve with any query please feel free to do so.

If you don’t want to be a rally officer please let Steve know, it saves him waiting for a reply from you and he can at least cross you off the list.

In any case, please let Steve know of your decision by Sunday 15 Nov 2015 at the latest